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Provencal and artisanal crafts since 1995

Proud of our roots and keen to preserve the very essence of our profession, the manufacturing of our pieces has always found its cradle in our workshop in Taillades. 


About TARA Provence

Our story begins in 1995 in the heart of the sunny markets of Provence. It was the starting point of a family adventure dedicated to Provençal crafts and household linen. At that time, our modest stands housed a limited collection, but our passion for the profession and our determination to share the authenticity of the region pushed us to go further. 

Driven by this desire, we have expanded our collection, offering a wider palette of creations inspired by Provence, its shimmering colors and sunny patterns. 

Today, our artisanal company continues to draw on this heritage and tradition, combining authenticity and modernity in clothing to offer you unique pieces that will adorn your interiors with the warmth and sunny charm of Provence. 

With passion,
Maison TARA Provence.


01 23 45 67 89


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